Top 12 Desserts You Must Try at Walt Disney World

5. Lollipop Tree – The Edison, Disney Springs

The Edison is one of Disney Springs’ newest dining locations, and it’s an experience all unto itself! The restaurant is decorated in steampunk everything! And there are models of many of Edison’s inventions throughout the venue. Entertainment is offered each night at the restaurant and includes tap dancers, an aerial contortionist, a live DJ, dance floor and more! Everything on the menu is great—from the appetizers to the desserts. But one dessert that sticks out is a Dr. Seussian-looking creation called the Lollipop Tree. It’s a wooden “tree” with holes drilled into its trunk. When the dessert is brought to your table, each of these holes is filled with a cake pop—usually a cream cheese cake pop rolled in graham crackers, crushed nuts or other toppings. The dessert is served with a side of bubble gum whipped cream for dipping. Sounds like an odd combination, right? But on the contrary, it’s very good, and there’s plenty to share! (Photo credit: VisitOrlando.com)