Top 10 Walt Disney World Resort Hotel Lobbies

7.) Disney’s Boardwalk Inn – Just behind Epcot’s World Showcase is another body of water that is home to five different Disney Resorts that are all very popular among guests. Crescent Lake features beautiful views, easy access to the park, and the wonderful Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. Themed to feel like Atlantic City at the turn of the century, this Deluxe Disney Resort combines seaside charm with whimsical touches, all of which are brought to life in the lobby. With airy high ceilings, a mi of pastel and bright colors, and some amazing details, it is no wonder why guests love to enjoy the lobby of Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. Some of the most popular features of the area include a beautiful chandelier made of intricately carved charging horses and a miniature carousel that was created by hand in the 1920s and beautifully restored. Guests are also sure to love the miniature wooden roller coaster that helps to bring the boardwalk amusement feel to life as they explore this beautiful Disney Resort.