Top 10 Walt Disney World Myths

3. Tinkerbell must fly every night in Magic Kingdom or you get a free admission ticket. This is false. Flying Tinkerbell chooses, after being advised by the same weather team concerning the safety of jumping and flying down a wire track in conditions where lightning could take their life, whether to perform this task or not. I don’t want to ruin the magic, but the CM performing this nightly, dependent on the weather, has not made the wrong choice yet. And though no one at Disney wants to stop any part of the “show” of Walt Disney World, making the choice for safety does not entitle you to a free admission ticket. How do you think you or all those thousands of small children would be impacted if Tinkerbell gets electrocuted on that wire right in front of you? The performers in the parades are also dependent on weather conditions. They are all present and ready to go and they are also disappointed that they did not have the opportunity to perform their part of the “show” they also don’t want to be hurt and especially not in front of small children.  (Photo credit Disney Avenue)