Top 10 Walt Disney World Myths

10. There is a “Disney Dome” that creates a bubble over Walt Disney World that allows Cast Members to control things like the weather and if you complain enough they will change the weather back to fair and open all the outdoor attractions. The Truth is that there is no Disney Dome and CM’s cannot control the weather. There is in fact a very educated Weather Team that looks at weather radars, coordinated with experienced weather professionals who make the educated decision to shut down outside attractions until it is safe to reopen them. It is not a simple decision, or one entered into lightly, to close all outdoor attractions. Disney Cast Members want the attractions to remain open too. It is unfair to them to complain about the weather, you getting rained on, or being sweaty, these things are beyond their control and if you look at them they are most likely wet or sweaty too. Those costumes have a lot of layers and they are hotter than you but they don’t complain about it “on stage”. (Photo credit themeparktourist.com)