Top 10 Treats At Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Animal Kingdom

2) Pongu Lumpi – Pongu Pongu – The newest area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Pandora – The World of Avatar where guests can travel across the universe to Pandora and the majestic Valley of Mo’ara. The otherworldly location is home to the Na’vi in addition to scientists and those looking for adventure. In the rear of the area is a quick service location that is said to be run by an expat who fell in love with the beautiful planet and never left. Pongu Pongu, which means “party party” in the language of the Na’vi, is open throughout each day in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and is most popularly known for its drink selection including the Night Blossom and Mo’ara Margarita. In addition to the cocktails and beverages, Pongu Pongu features a delicious and unique treat that guests can’t get enough of. The Pongu Lumpia is a fried spring roll stuffed with the delicious combination of tangy cream cheese and tart pineapple. Featuring the perfect combination of flavors and a crispy exterior, this treat is one that guests definitely need to enjoy! (Photo credit: Disney)