Top 10 Restaurants For Free Dining At Walt Disney World

9) Teppan Edo – Guests who are looking to enjoy a front row view of their meals being prepared are sure to love being entertained at a full service restaurant in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion. Teppan Edo is located on the second floor above the Mistukoshi Department Store and invites guests to dine for lunch and dinner on delicious food prepared in the style of Teppan-yaki cooking. Every part of the meal is prepared on flat grills that guests are situated around, and the chefs are both knowledgeable and entertaining. Those looking to get the most value out of their meal at Teppan Edo should start with the Wafu Ribs appetizer which are ginger-braised pork ribs, sake, and soy sauce and costs $14.00. The most valuable entrée at Teppan Edo is the $36.00 Filet Mignon which is a 6 ounce tenderloin served with garden salad, udon noodles, vegetables, and steamed white rice, all prepared on the grill. There are three desserts to choose from at the restaurant that will provide the most value at $6.50 each. Guests can opt for the Green Tea Mousse Cake which features a green tea sponge cake, green tea mousse, and whipped cream, the Mango Mousse Cake which features a mango sponge cake, mango mousse, and whipped cream, or the Ginger Mousse Cake which features ginger sponge cake, ginger mousse, and whipped cream. Finally, there are three cocktails with the best value for the dining plan at $12.00 each and guests can choose between the Sochu Squeeze, Iced Blood Orange, and Violet Silk Martini. (Photo credit: Disney)