Top 10 Rainy Day Experiences At Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

8. Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail – Right near the exit of Kilimanjaro Safaris is the entrance to an amazing walking trail that brings guests further into the village of Harambe and its beauty. The Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail is a self-guided walking trail that lets guests explore at their own pace, and while it is typically quiet on most days, rainy days are sure to bring empty pathways that will truly feel like the forest. In the quiet of the rain, guests can don ponchos or rain jackets and wader through lush pathways that feature meerkats, Grevy’s zebras, educational exhibits and signs, and a beautiful final habitat. The highlight of the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail are the gorillas who reside in a massive habitat complete with rolling green, hills, gently flowing waterfalls, and lush vegetation. Rainy days in Disney’s Animal Kingdom will bring less guests to the walking trail, making the gorilla habitat seem like an actual forest in Africa that guests can enjoy quietly.