Top 10 Myths About Walt Disney World

1. There is a complete underground “city” below Magic Kingdom. While it is true that there are many functions that go on daily in the famed Utiladors they are actually on ground level and most of Magic Kingdom is built on the “second floor” 15-feet above ground level. The Utiladors are busy with Cast Members moving through them every day to get to the door that leads them “on stage” near the attraction they work at. Next time you are in the Magic Kingdom take special note of places where there is a hill and that will give you some clue as to which “floor” you are standing on. This amazing network of Utiladors are used for many purposes such as training rooms, storage for food service and merchandise locations, trash removal, food service for CM’s and areas for CM’s to get in and out of uniforms and just relax. If this is something that you just have to see for yourself and you have no desire to become a Magic Kingdom Cast Member, then you can get a peek at the Utiladors during the Keys to the Kingdom or the Backstage Magic tours. You will not be allowed to take photos in this backstage area. From what I hear, they are just typical utility corridors and there is nothing special about them.
By Cassie