Top 10 Myths About Walt Disney World

2. There are hidden Ghost Towns at Walt Disney World. This is false. There are however two locations that used to be Disney World guest areas that no longer are being used and if you catch a glimpse of them on a boat ride, you may wonder what their story is. The former River Country Water Park structures actually are still in place. They were never torn down and can sometimes be seen when on a boat leaving Fort Wilderness Campground. The structures are just standing there deteriorating naturally. River Country was closed in 2001. Adjacent to River Country in Bay Lake lies Discovery Island which once served as a bird sanctuary and required a separate admission ticket, remains closed since 1999. This is an 11 ½-acre piece of Disney property that had developed buildings and other structures to explore the land and nature there in. Neither of these will reopen as their former selves and simply wait to see if new plans will rework and reopen those areas in the future. It is the typical path for Disney to close doors on an attraction and abandon the space until it is time to build something new then the old structures will be taken down to make way for the new.