Top 10 Favorite Restaurants at Disney Springs

1.) D-Luxe Burger

This quick-service restaurant is located at Disney Springs’ Town Center. As its name suggests, the restaurant serves burgers—lots of burgers. But D-Luxe gets bonus points for having some creative choices in its burgers. The Apple Harvest burger features apple whiskey jam, smoked sausage and smoked gouda cheese—all atop a beef patty! The Diablo burger is made with a patty of beef mixed with chorizo. It’s topped with fried banana peppers, lettuce and tomato. Fries served at D-Luxe Burger are fresh-cut and served with dips made in-house. If you’re a burger lover, you’ve got to stop by D-Luxe Burger. It just might become your new favorite burger joint!

By Becky Burkett