Top 10 Cinderella Castle Photo Spots

7) Mosaic Mural – Cinderella Castle is beautiful from every angle, but guests might be surprised to know that they can also acquire some amazing photographs from inside! From the front of Cinderella Castle near the hub, guests can work their way up winding paths found on either side of the building that lead to a large gate. Once inside the castle, guests can explore the breezeway slowly and check out amazing murals that depict the story of Cinderella as she goes from being mistreated by Lady Tremaine and her step-sisters to attending the ball and eventually finding her happily ever after. The mosaics are made with brightly colored gems and tiles, and each scene is amazing to take in. Some of the most unique details can be found in the happily ever after scene as well as the scene where Cinderella tries on the glass slipper where her step-sisters can be seen red with anger and green with envy.