Top 10 Cinderella Castle Photo Spots

Top of the Swiss Family Treehouse

9) Top of the Swiss Family Treehouse – Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom is meant to feel like an exotic location deep in the jungles somewhere. There is plenty of lush vegetation and architecture to suggest an adventure awaiting around every corner. One of the attractions in the area is the Swiss Family Treehouse which brings the story of the Robinson family to life. Guests can climb the massive tree at their own pace and explore all of the innovative ways that the shipwrecked family turned materials from an island into a home. Near the top of the Swiss Family Treehouse, guests can enjoy unique views of the surrounding area, including one amazing view that can’t be beat. When passing by a bedroom on the right hand side and the jungle lookout railing straight ahead, guests should look to the left for a wonderful sight. This view offers a panoramic of the Magic Kingdom with Cinderella Castle rising up out of the vegetation of Adventureland and Space Mountain looming in the distance. (Photo credit: Bonnie Fink)