Top 10 Cinderella Castle Photo Spots

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10) Main Street – The classic photo that many guests take of Cinderella Castle is from the vantage point of Main Street. The area leads directly up to Cinderella Castle offering an unobstructed view of the building that can be enjoyed from many different distances and angles from the street. Main Street is typically lined with Disney PhotoPass Photographers who are waiting to capture the magic for the entire family, but guests who are looking to take their own Cinderella Castle photos from the location have plenty of options. The could climb to the balcony of the Walt Disney World Railroad Station for a view from above of Cinderella Castle at the end of Main Street, they could opt to stand on one of the sidewalks for a slightly angled spot, or they could even use signs and props on Main Street as the foreground of a photo with Cinderella Castle in the distance. Guests should certainly get a classic photo of Cinderella Castle from Main Street but also find a unique shot from the location as well!