Top 10 Cinderella Castle Photo Spots

1) Frontierland Bridge – Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom is also very popular thanks to Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which are both thrilling attractions that typically boast lengthy wait times. To get to both attractions, there are two bridges that guests can choose. One is closer to Splash Mountain and allows guests to look down on either side to see the logs from the attraction float by. The other is further away from the attraction and connects a pathway along the shores of the Rivers of America with the courtyard that features the entrances to both attractions. While passing over this bridge, guests should pause about halfway across and enjoy a beautiful and unobstructed view of Cinderella Castle in the distance. Since the Rivers of America are typically calm, guests can take a beautiful photograph at any time of the day of both Cinderella Castle and its reflection in the water!

By Caitlin Kane