Top 10 Bad Walt Disney World Theme Park Behaviors

3. Blocking Views: Please be mindful of those behind you when you make the decision to find a way to improve your child’s view. A good rule of thumb is not to raise your child beyond your own height. For instance, if you are sitting at a show, don’t let your child stand on your lap or the bench (that also isn’t safe). That is putting them higher than you, which means they are definitely blocking the view of the people behind you, who also stood and waited in line for 20 minutes in the Florida heat to see the show. There are also other small children behind you who would like to see the show and it creates an awful domino effect when one bad apple starts blocking views. I let my children sit in my lap, or we adjust spots with them so that they can sit behind other children where they don’t have as hard of time seeing over. There are ways to help them experience the show without blocking the show for others.