Top 10 Bad Walt Disney World Theme Park Behaviors

5. Not Following the Rules: There are posted rules for every attraction and show, and these rules are also spoken again prior to boarding at entering the theaters. Please listen to and follow these rules. These rules aren’t in place to make anyone’s lives more difficult, they are in place for the safety and enjoyment for all guests. These rules shouldn’t be ignored or treated as optional, you must follow the rules. Probably one of the most annoying cases of not following the rules is in theaters when they tell you to move all the way to the end of your row. It never fails that groups stop to sit in the center of their row, and then the cast members have to go to them directly and still have them move. They do this so that all seats are utilized for the theater. If you think you want to sit more toward the center, don’t bombard the doors as soon as they open to try to be the first ones in the theater, and let a couple families go ahead of you so that they are closer to the end. The main point is, follow the rules!