Top 10 Bad Walt Disney World Theme Park Behaviors

6. Using Your Stroller or Scooter as a Weapon: These devices are meant to transport children and guests safely from attraction to attraction, not as weapons of mass destruction to play human dominoes to clear the path. I’ve seen many parents use their stroller, with their children in it, as a means to push people or cut people off. I’ve also seen many people on scooters that have no regard for people around them and insert themselves in the middle of traffic as if they always have the right-of-way. Now, I am not saying that all stroller and scooter operators act in this way, as there are also many who follow the flow of traffic , but it is very noticeable when those that abuse the devices are doing so. No one enjoys getting their toes ran over or their shins hit by one of these devices. For the safety and sanity of everyone, please follow the flow.