Top 10 Bad Walt Disney World Theme Park Behaviors

1. Treating Cast Members Poorly: This is by far probably one of the most annoying to be a witness to. If you have a complaint, frustration or issue, it is never OK to be rude to the cast members. It is not the cast member’s fault that your child isn’t tall enough to ride Tower of Terror, that a particular restaurant doesn’t serve pizza, that it isn’t your FastPass+ time for the attraction, that a particular item isn’t covered on the Disney Dining Plan, that you wanted your personal pizza cut into 6 slices… you get the idea, right? I have been a witness to, sadly, all of these and I just want to tell the cast member what a great job they are doing. It isn’t fair for them to be treated rudely, and in front of tons of people, for anything, especially matters they have no control over. I would love to think that this article will make it in front of every Disney guest and they will “see the light” and never do this again, but I have a feeling I will witness this unfortunate conduct again in my Disney visits, so my family helps to balance the negativity with lots of positivity. We go out of our way to greet and thank every cast member we see, we wish them a good day, we engage them in conversation, we show appreciation for what they do and hope that there are many others out there who will join us in this mission so we can tip the scales to the good side!
By Angela