Tina Fey Just Made a Huge Announcement About a New Live Role at Universal Studios Orlando

tina fey epic universe
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Comedian Tina Fey just made a huge announcement about her role in Universal Studios Orlando’s newest theme park, Epic Universe, and she has some thoughts about how the new theme park will fare when up against the four theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort.

tina fey epic universe

Credit: NBCUniversal

When Epic Universe opens at Universal Orlando Resort in 2025, the new theme park will include five different worlds, including a villains- and classic monsters-inspired land called Dark Universe that will take its inspiration from the Universal Classic Monsters franchise.

In a formal announcement earlier this year, Universal Studios said that Dark Universe will be one of the five lands at Epic Universe where “guests encounter everything from the experiments of Dr. Victoria Frankenstein to the shadowy landscape where monsters roam in a world of myth and mystery.”

So some fans have wondered whether comedian Tina Fey would be up for the role of Dr. Frankenstein at Epic Universe, and a recent appearance on a popular podcast might have given fans some answers.

A Podcast Appearance Answers Fans’ Questions

In February, Fey appeared on the podcast Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang. Both Fey and Yang have frequently worked with NBCUniversal, and as such, Yang asked the funny girl Fey to share her thoughts about Universal Orlando Resort’s new Epic Universe, set to open in mid-2025. But the unsuspecting host might have gotten more than he bargained for, as the conversation quickly took a dive into the age-old Central Florida theme park wars that began when Universal Studios opened in Orlando in 1990–rather than just about Epic Universe.

Fey Says Disney World Will Reign Supreme in Orlando

“Listen, I’m gonna check it out,” Fey said, speaking about Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe.

universal orlando resort epic universe portals

Portals at Universal’s Epic Universe/Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

But despite the comedian’s initial interest in the new Florida theme park, Fey says that, ultimately, Disney World will remain the #1 theme park resort in Central Florida. She went so far as to compare Disney and Universal to NBC’s Saturday Night Live and Mad TV, saying that if Disney World is the NBC sketch comedy show, Universal Studios Orlando is likened to Mad TV.

In other words, though the two resorts serve similar purposes, Fey believes that Disney will stay at the top of its game in Central Florida.

“My gut instinct is, ‘Oh, honey, it’s SNL/Mad TV,’” Fey continued.

saturday night live mad tv

Credit: NBCUniversal/QDE

Yang then compared Walt Disney World to Lorne Michaels, the creator of Saturday Night Live. But he defended Mad TV as well, saying, “We like Mad TV.”

“And there are amazing things at Mad TV,” Fey continued, “and amazing, hilarious people came out of Mad TV, but there just wasn’t that unifying core taste.”

But Matt Rogers, co-host of the podcast, made a counterpoint.

Tina Fey as a Live Performer at Universal Studios?

“What if I told you [that] there’s gonna be a Frankenstein ride, and the star of the pre-show is Victoria Frankenstein, the great-granddaughter of Dr. Victor Frankenstein?” he asked.

Universal Studios hasn’t said whether Victoria Frankenstein will be in a ride’s pre-show, but it is known that the new character will play a major role in the land’s backstory. Rogers’ idea was definitely one that involved fan-casting, simply to see what Fey would say about such a premise.

“Universal’s trying to use that Universal Monsters catalog in fun ways, and I’m enjoying that,” Fey said.

Rogers responded, saying, “If you went in there and said, ‘I’ll play Dr. Victoria Frankenstein,’” Rogers proposed to Fey, “first of all, you’d book it immediately.”

tina fey epic universe

Credit: NBCUniversal/Marvel

“Performing every day!” Yang exclaimed.

In Rogers’ proposal, Tina Fey could be a live performer at Epic Universe instead of an actor with a role in a video that is prerecorded as part of the offering in a queue for an attraction.

“You wouldn’t even do the pre-show?” Fey was asked.

“Listen, in my heart of hearts,” Fey replied, “am I holding out for a Disney queue? Of course.”

Sorry, Universal/Tina Fey fans! It doesn’t look like there’s much of a future in a Tina Fey-inspired Dark Universe live performance anytime soon.

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