The Top 12 Walt Disney World Restaurants for Kids

When you’re planning a vacation at Walt Disney World in Florida, you’ve got a tall order. But it’s a labor of love. And it’s fun! Making plans for what you and your family will do at the most magical place on Earth is half the excitement of the trip. When it comes to food, Disney World offers a multitude of options for quick-service dining, window pick-up venues and table service dining. The best part about Disney restaurants is that they are kid-friendly, and many offer character dining experiences at one or more meal times each day. Planning ahead is imperative, however, if you hope to have a character experience while you eat, so making reservations in advance is a must. With so many restaurants to choose from, it’s difficult to highlight only a few, but here are 12 Disney World restaurants that rank highly with kids of all ages (and parents tend to enjoy them as well!).

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