The Top 12 Walt Disney World Attractions for Kids

Disney doesn’t like to do anything half-way, and at Disney World, helping families create a dream vacation tailor-made for them is what they do best. If you and your family visited the parks at Walt Disney World every summer, you would be able to look back on each of your Disney vacations as unique. No two trips would be the same. That’s because Disney World is home to attractions and rides of every kind and for all ages too. They know their clientele well enough to realize that a majority of the 50 million people who visit the parks every year do so with their families—many of them under the age of 12. And for those families, there are a myriad of rides and attractions that can be enjoyed together—children with their parents. Here are 12 of those attractions that kids under the age of 12 (and even Mom and Dad) will enjoy time and time again.

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