The Top 12 Walt Disney World Attractions for Kids

11) Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This fun attraction has only been around for a few years, and it is still as popular as it was when the ride first opened. Guests board a variable-speed mine cart train that takes them up the mountains, down into the valleys and into the cave “where a million diamonds shine.” The mine carts sway from side to side, giving Guests the same feeling of movement as if they were in an actual mine cart. Deep in the cave, the Seven Dwarfs are busy mining their gems. The train moves more slowly through the mine so that Guests can get more than just a glimpse of their favorite Dwarfs hard at work.

This attraction is a steel roller coaster, but it has been dubbed a “family-friendly” coaster—no corkscrews, no loop-di-loops, no 100-foot drops. It tends to make quasi-coaster enthusiasts out of the biggest coaster scaredy-cats!

It’s so popular, however, that a FastPass+ time is very important. The stand-by queue for this attraction is fun and highly interactive, and Guests who haven’t reserved a FastPass+ time may find themselves with 60 to 90 minutes to discover just how fun that queue is!