The Top 12 Walt Disney World Attractions for Kids

6) Pirates of the Caribbean

This dark ride is nine minutes in duration, and a lot of fun for pirates, pirates-in-training and all their swash-buckling friends. Guests travel over the high seas in boats, but before Guests reach the loading area, they weave their way through the queue, which was created to resemble an old Spanish fortress. At the beginning of the ride, the boats sail through a misty and ominous waterfall before whooshing down a bigger waterfall on the other side. The drop is a small one, and even Guests who despise roller coasters will enjoy this ride—despite the drop. The remainder of the ride takes Guests throughout a town overtaken by pirates before they are returned to the queue where they disembark.

FastPass+ times are available for this attraction, and during crowded times at the park, it’s a good idea to use one of your FastPass+ selections on it.