The Top 12 Tough Standards to Be a Walt Disney World Princess

1. She must be a people person. There really is no point in auditioning for the role of princess at Walt Disney World if the candidate doesn’t enjoy being around people and making them smile. That is essentially the first part of every Cast Member’s job within the parks. If crowds of people—some of them hot, tired, sweaty and cranky—make a candidate frustrated or angry, it’s best for all involved if she moves along and interviews outside of Disney. The Walt Disney Company is all about people, service and working to make Magic happen and help dreams come true. Anti-people persons need not apply. Lots of little girls dream of being a princess one day. A few of those grow up, and the dream never leaves them. Walt Disney World is the place where even big girls’ dreams can become reality, but only after stringent criteria are met as part of the hiring process and if the princess-in-training can continue to meet those requirements. But if she can do so, she can spend many years bringing smiles and joy to others while portraying her favorite princess.
By Becky Burkett