The Top 12 Tough Standards to Be a Walt Disney World Princess

2. She must be able to tolerate the weather. This is especially true as it pertains to warmer weather in Florida. The summer months can be brutal. The girl who is cast as Pocahontas might have an easier time tolerating the heat than the girl who is cast as Aurora because Pocahontas’s outfit doesn’t cover the arms or most of the legs. However, Aurora, Cinderella, Anna and Elsa, among others, have costumes that include long gowns with long sleeves, and those can be very, very hot in the summer months, especially when the princess is meeting Guests outside. And though it is rare to have freezing temperatures and snow in Florida, it can get very chilly at times during winter, and the new princess must be able to be in the elements and meet Guests for an extended period of time, no matter the weather.