The Top 10 Experiences at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom


6) Order the Kitchen Sink

Toward the end of the strip of shops on Main Street U.S.A., as you approach Cinderella Castle, you’ll find a quaint little ice cream shop—tiny, but bustling with Guests eager to get their ice cream fix for the day. In the summer, lines wind out of the shop and onto the walkway in front of it. The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor has all kinds of frosty cold treats available, but for an experience unlike any other, step up to the counter and order the “Kitchen Sink.” Mickey’s Kitchen Sink includes just about everything but the kitchen sink in this larger-than-life ice cream experience. It comes in a souvenir plastic sink that looks like Mickey’s trademark red pants and yellow buttons, with a faux faucet and Mickey Mouse gloves as the faux hot and cold water handles. Inside the sink, however, is a frozen feast fit for a king. Hot fudge, caramel syrup and strawberry sauce top generous scoops of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream. But they aren’t finished there! Sprinkled on top of this unscalable mountain of calories are chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, cherries and other goodies! No exaggeration—Mickey’s Kitchen Sink can easily handle the spoons of two to four family members (or friends), so grab your favorite people and get over to The Plaza for your turn to try this legendary Main Street ice cream treat. Be sure to come hungry and don’t plan too much strenuous activity afterward!

5) Gaston’s Tavern

“My, what a guy! That Gaston!” The wannabe beau of Belle has never been short on attitude, pride or arrogance. Perhaps that’s why some of the treats and snacks served up in his tavern are oversized too. The experience to have here is one you’ll want to save for your cheat day! Gaston’s Tavern offers hummus and pretzel chips, veggies in a cup and fountain drinks—none of which are unique to this counter service eatery. But the most fun (and calorie-ridden) item on the menu is one you’ve got to try—they call it a cinnamon roll, but it should be called a “cinnamon slab”—it’s huge!! It’s served warm and so ooey-gooey—you won’t be able to fully enjoy it without making a bit of a mess, but you won’t care after one bite! Be sure to bring plenty of napkins to your table, and don’t forget to wash down that hunk of cinnamon bliss with a stein of LeFou’s brew—the Tavern’s signature non-alcoholic drink, featuring frozen apple juice, marshmallow and mango-passion fruit foam!

4) Meet royalty at Fairytale Hall

Once upon a time, years ago at Disney World, there was an attraction called Snow White’s Scary Adventures at Magic Kingdom. It was among fans’ favorites, but it was closed before the new Fantasyland expansion was realized. In its place today stands Princess
Fairytale Hall. The regal Hall is divided into two sections—each hosting two Disney princesses. The inner walls of Fairytale Hall are ornately decorated with regal colors, tapestries and draperies. It’s surely a place fit for royalty, and with good reason! Here you and your little princesses can meet Princesses Rapunzel, Tiana, Cinderella and Elena of Avalor. The beautiful heiresses greet Guests in a large drawing room inside the Hall. PhotoPass photographers are on hand to make sure that every magical moment is captured. The princesses are kind enough to also sign autograph books and share with Guests the latest news about their respective kingdoms.

Though all four princesses reside in Princess Fairytale Hall, Rapunzel and Tiana meet Guests in a separate drawing room from where Cinderella and Elena meet Guests. FastPass+ times are offered for this experience, but you’ll need one FastPass to meet Rapunzel and Tiana, and one FastPass to meet Cinderella and Elena. These are two separate experiences at Fairytale Hall and there are two separate queues in which to wait.

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