The Top 10 Experiences at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

5. Gaston’s Tavern

"My, what a guy! That Gaston!” The wannabe beau of Belle has never been short on attitude, pride or arrogance. Perhaps that’s why some of the treats and snacks served up in his tavern are oversized too. The experience to have here is one you’ll want to save for your cheat day! Gaston’s Tavern offers hummus and pretzel chips, veggies in a cup and fountain drinks—none of which are unique to this counter service eatery. But the most fun (and calorie-ridden) item on the menu is one you’ve got to try—they call it a cinnamon roll, but it should be called a “cinnamon slab”—it’s huge!! It’s served warm and so ooey-gooey—you won’t be able to fully enjoy it without making a bit of a mess, but you won’t care after one bite! Be sure to bring plenty of napkins to your table, and don’t forget to wash down that hunk of cinnamon bliss with a stein of LeFou’s brew—the Tavern’s signature non-alcoholic drink, featuring frozen apple juice, marshmallow and mango-passion fruit foam!