The Top 10 Experiences at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

1. Stay for the Kiss Goodnight

Every night should end like this—and thanks to Disney magic, it does—but only at Magic Kingdom. The “Kiss Goodnight” is a special time at Magic Kingdom, after the park officially closes for the night. It takes place after any of the nighttime spectaculars and usually about an hour after park closing (Magic Kingdom stays open for an hour after its posted closing time to allow Guests time to see the shops on Main Street, take pictures, etc.) It’s at that time each evening, as Guests as making their way down Main Street U.S.A. toward the park exit, enjoying that last-minute browse of the shops, that the “kiss” takes place. “When You Wish Upon a Star” plays throughout the park, and Cinderella’s Castle is covered in lights and twinkles. It’s the last “production” of the evening and such a special way to leave the park. It even makes Disney fans a little misty-eyed at times!

These are just a few experiences to get you started on your tour of the Magic Kingdom. You can’t go wrong, no matter which attractions you experience. How many days are you from your next Disney trip? Better get your planning started! Have a magical day!

By Becky Burkett