The Top 10 Counter-Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World

  1. Columbia Harbour House – Magic Kingdom

This eatery inside Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom is a good one to try, especially if you like seafood and chicken. They offer fried fish and fries, but they also offer healthier options as well—grilled salmon, broccoli-peppercorn salad and tuna, among other things. You’ll also find a lobster roll, chili, New England clam chowder, coleslaw and cobblers on the menu. Perhaps the best part of Columbia Harbour House is that it offers Guests a nice break from the crowds and the heat (if you visit during the summer). The restaurant has two stories, and if you go upstairs and can find a table near one of the little windows, you’ll have it made. You can eat lunch, rest a bit, charge your phone and people-watch through the windows. The food is good, reasonably priced (for Disney) and a great choice for families as well.