The Top 10 Counter-Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World

  1. Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café – Magic Kingdom

This restaurant in Tomorrowland inside Magic Kingdom offers a variety of choices for lunch and dinner. There are three ordering stations, and each station offers the same menu. The multiple stations help with traffic in and out of the restaurant. As counter-service restaurants go, this one is big and offers lots of seating, which is great because it stays fairly busy. A bar with many different toppings is on the way to your table. You can choose lettuce and tomato for your burger (beef or veggie), mustard and relish for your hot dog, mushrooms (for whatever you want to put mushrooms on) and more! In addition to burgers and hot dogs, the restaurant also serves ribs, salads, chicken nuggets and different sandwiches. There are also Kosher offerings upon request.