The 13 Biggest Disney Park Controversies

Change is necessary at any amusement park. New rides and experiences are what make people want to come back, and they keep the parks ahead of the competition. Nowhere is change more important than at Walt Disney World. If it was still just one theme park with a couple of dozen attractions, Central Florida would not be the top family tourist destination in the world. Change comes with a price, and that price is often controversy. Here are 13 controversial changes that have hit Walt Disney World. Many of the items on this list are recent. That is because there is currently so much happening at Walt Disney World. A few older things have made the list as well. Walt Disney World has survived, even when the change wasn’t popular. It will be just fine when the current controversies die down as well.


10 Budget-Friendly Hotels Near Walt Disney World That are Nice

Have you planned a last-minute surprise trip to Walt Disney World and discovered that there’s very limited availability at the resort hotel you’d like to book? Or maybe you and your family want to spend your money on experiences in the parks, rather than on your accommodations. Perhaps you and your family are park openers and closers—you get there at rope drop and stay till the Kiss Goodnight, and you see no point in paying for luxuries, décor and services you won’t be using when you’re at your hotel. Whatever the reason, there are many Guests that visit Disney World and don’t stay at a Disney Resort hotel. Instead, they opt for one of the national brand chain hotels because they are nice, they are comfortable, and many offer a good value. Here are ten nice hotels within only a few miles of the parks at Disney that offer visitors quality accommodations at a reasonable price.*

*For the purposes of this article, hotels listed have advertised room rates for below $150 per night, based on a four-person occupancy.


10 Reasons Walt Disney World Fans Come Back Year After Year

There are a thousand ways in which a vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort is different from other family getaways. But one big difference between any other vacation and a vacation at Disney is that many of the 50 million Guests that walk through the gates at Disney’s four theme parks each year do so annually (or more often). It’s true—lots of families make Disney World their summer vacation destination every year. Others make Disney their Christmas vacation destination every year. But why? What is it that keeps these families coming back year after year? Let’s look at 10 reasons fan families return time after time to the most magical place on earth.


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