The 13 Biggest Disney Park Controversies

2) Maelstrom Freezes Over Many guests claim that one of the reasons that World Showcase is so popular is because it's not filled with ties to the Disney movies. True, you have Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros and plenty of character greetings, but it still seems like a way to step outside of the Disney movie madness for a little while. World Showcase has always been more mature. All of that changed in June, 2016 with the opening of Frozen Ever After. In October, 2014, the popular Maelstrom ride closed in the Norway Pavilion, and construction began to replace it with a new ride based on the movie Frozen. While some fans were happy about the change, many were not. The old ride was cheesy but fun, and you did get a quick history lesson. Frozen Ever After uses the same ride system as Maelstrom, but it is an entirely different ride. You are no longer learning about Norway, and instead gliding through the fictional land of Arendelle. A meet and greet featuring the sisters from the movie opened in the Norway Pavilion as well. While plenty of Disney fans say that there is too much Frozen in the parks, the ride and the meet and greet are both extremely popular. Frozen at Walt Disney World is going to be around for a long time to come. (Photo credit: Dad's Guide to WDW)