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Disney Animation Studios Is Reportedly Not Releasing Anything in 2024

Disney Animation Studios

Disney animation enthusiasts might not have anything to look forward to in 2024. An updated list of next year’s releases recently revealed an intriguing list of Disney’s upcoming projects. But here’s the kicker – where’s the Walt Disney Animation Studios magic in 2024? No Walt Disney Animation Studios Film in 2024 The go-to Disney journalist Scott Gustin gave us the ...

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Beyoncé Is the Latest Celebrity to Destroy Disney

Beyoncé box office

Beyoncé destroying Disney was not on our bingo cards this week. However, it looks like she is now the surprise emergence as the latest celebrity to overshadow Disney. The Queen Bee’s concert film/documentary, Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé (2023), wrecked the iconic studio, as Disney’s newest animated feature, Wish (2023), failed even further than its opening week. Disney Fails at ...

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Disney Director Overcomes the Odds Even Though Her Debut Film Is Struggling

Fawn Veerasunthorn

Filmmaking can often be unpredictable. There are triumphs and challenges that coexist, shaping the narrative of both creators and their creations. Fawn Veerasunthorn, director of the recently released Disney’s Wish (2023), is no stranger to this dynamic. While the film may be facing headwinds at the box office and received mixed reviews, Veerasunthorn’s journey to the director’s chair is a ...

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Disney’s ‘Wish’ Packs Beloved Characters in Credits, but Strangely Forgets a Few Classics

Disney characters

Walt Disney Animation Studios has a long history filled with iconic characters. For the company’s 100-year anniversary, Disney has released its new movie Wish (2023) into theaters, complete with easter eggs and surprises for its devoted fans. If you stay through the end credits of Wish, you will be treated to over 50 cherished characters from almost all of Disney’s ...

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Disney’s New Song Will Be Parents’ “Let It Go”

Disney's Wish movie songs

Walt Disney Animation Studios just dropped the entire soundtrack to its upcoming Wish movie, and it was hiding a stunningly beautiful song that seems to be written entirely for parents. Sorry kids! You had all the control when the Frozen (2013) phenomenon “Let It Go” was released, but now it’s time for parents to get to play a song on ...

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Disney’s Latest Reveal Has Critics Eating Their Words

Disney Wish movie critics

In a year marked by financial setbacks for The Walt Disney Company, a glimmer of hope is on the horizon, promising a holiday season comeback akin to the success of Disney’s Frozen (2013). Disney Wish Movie Critics Get Taught a Lesson in Context Critics have tried to bring the thunder against trailers and previews for Disney’s upcoming November 22 film ...

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