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What If Walt Disney WAS Cryogenically Frozen?

Walt Disney laying down with characters in his hand

When you’re famous, and your face is recognized by people all around the world, you expect that throughout your lifetime, your name will come up in conversations here and there, whether things being said about you are good, bad, or indifferent–true, untrue, or questionable. It’s an empirical fact about attaining celebrity status. But in the case of the visionary genius ...

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The FBI, Walt Disney, and the Murder of a Six-Year-Old Girl

Walt Disney, FBI Office, and Rose Marie Riddle family

Many people know Walter Elias Disney as the friendly face that launched the empire which bears his name. Between his contributions to the world of animation, entertainment, Hollywood, and the tourism industry, Walt Disney is one of the most famous people in the world. Even after being gone for over 55 years, the legacy of Walt Disney Studios, Mickey Mouse, ...

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