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The Most Controversial Films Ever Released By The Walt Disney Company

sorcerer mickey

The name¬†Disney¬†is synonymous with magic, dreams coming true, wishes upon a star, and family entertainment. But sometimes that family entertainment has crossed the line, at least in the minds of some fans. Some of Disney’s films have even stirred up debate and fanned the flames of conflict among Disney fans. From cultural insensitivity to mature themes, these movies have left ...

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Numerous Disney Stars Adorn ‘Worst a-List Hollywood Actors’ List

Worst Hollywood actors

This is not looking great for Walt Disney Studios. Since its inception, the majority of the United States has shared a fixation on Hollywood stars and their personal lives. Whether they are singers, actors, dancers, or all three, fans love to obsess over the stars of the screen. That fixation has continued to the present day when the private lives ...

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Walt Disney Studio’s VFX Crew Announces Historic Plan to Unionize

VFX strike

In a landmark move that could reshape the landscape of the visual effects (VFX) industry, the VFX crew at Walt Disney Studios has recently announced their historic plans to unionize. This decision, made by the courageous visual effects workers, has the potential to bring about significant changes to the way entertainment workers in this field are treated in the United ...

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‘Elemental’ Surprises Overseas

elemental ember wade at air stadium elio character pixar easter egg

Disney Pixar’s Elemental (2023) still has legs. RELATED:¬†Disney Actor Sets Himself on Fire Box Office Bomb? After a slow start at the box office – some citing the Pixar movie as the studio’s biggest flop ever – Elemental (2023) is still surprising those in the industry. Despite the massive success of Barbie (2023) and Oppenheimer (2023), Pixar’s newest release is ...

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Marvel Confirms Worst Kept Secret in MCU


The hole left in the MCU by Chadwick Boseman can ot be understated. When Black Panther hit theaters in February of 2018, it immediately became one of the most impactful and important comic book movies of all time. It opened new doors for comic book movies through its representation, not as side characters or replacements for other characters, but as ...

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