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Disney Attraction Reopens After Receiving Dramatic Improvements

New Toontown

If this summer was the “summer of closures,” then now must be the “fall of reopenings!” In recent weeks, numerous Disney attractions have reopened after receiving renovations or remodels. Fans who have been eagerly awaiting the reopening of numerous attractions have been thrilled to see those days finally arrive. Today, an attraction within Disneyland Park’s Toontown has reopened, and fans ...

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ARREST at Disney: Woman Dragged out of the Parks in Handcuffs by A “Parade” of TEN Men

Arrest at Disneyland

Disney is a place where families flock from across the globe for a fairytale experience in a world filled with captivating entertainment and enchanting memories. However, beneath the facade of this fantastical wonderland lies a harsh reality: the abundance occurrence of arrests within the confines of Disney and its surrounding areas. A Troubling Cycle Both Walt Disney World Resort and ...

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It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Storybook Circus at Magic Kingdom

It's Time for Storybook Circus to Go

I’m just going to rip the band-aid off. Storybook Circus at Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort needs to go. It’s terrible and provides no unique experience to Walt Disney World other than a flying elephant ride that’s been duplicated two times in the same park. I said it, fight me. Well, maybe don’t fight me, but definitely ...

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Disney Park makes big changes to one attraction, and we don’t mean Splash Mountain

In recent months, Disney has shared lots of news of proposed and upcoming changes within its parks. The 50th anniversary of the opening of Walt Disney World is cause for celebration, and with the celebration come adaptations, additions, and deletions of new rides, experiences, and shows. One attraction, in particular, is on deck for some pretty big changes–and we’re not ...

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