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“Blackface” Mickey Mouse Has Disney Fans Extremely Upset

mickey mouse

Disney has had a complicated relationship with racism and stereotypes in its history. Fans of Walt Disney World and Disneyland found themselves at odds over the retheming choices surrounding the popular Splash Mountain ride. However, the most notable Disney representative, Mickey Mouse, has never found himself in question until now. A Brief History of Mickey Mouse Originally thought to be ...

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Disney-Apple Partnership Officially Goes Into Effect February 2

disney apple logos with blue starburst in background

A Disney-Apple partnership more than six months in the making will officially go into effect in just a few days, on February 2, per an announcement from Apple Inc. via press release this week. Out With the Old, In With the Older Since November 2022, just days after The Walt Disney Company’s board of directors removed then-CEO Bob Chapek, replacing ...

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Why NFL Superstars Like Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes Head to Disney World After Winning the Super Bowl

Travis Kelce

We’ve all heard from recent Super Bowl winners like Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes, superstars like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, after winning the big game, “I‘m going to Disney World!” Although we’re used to Super Bowl winners like the Kansas City Chiefs visiting Disney World after finishing at the top of the pack and taking home the hardware, we ...

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Chapek Returns in a Bizarre Twist at The Walt Disney Company

mickey head

In a bizarre and unforeseen twist at The Walt Disney Company, Chapek has been reinstated to his former role, which he fulfilled for years until his contract was terminated. A Shocking Announcement  On Tuesday, news of former CEO Bob Chapek’s new role made headlines and served as one of the only mentions of the disgraced former Disney chief in the ...

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Bob Iger Makes Big Reversal In Chapek-Era Changes

Bob Iger Parks

On November 20, 2022, the former (and very popular) Disney CEO, Bob Iger, once again took to leading The Walt Disney Company. Iger’s return immediately followed the abrupt firing of Bob Chapek — who had been in charge for less than three years. The Chapek-Era During Bob Chapek’s short time as CEO, he struggled to get in the good graces ...

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Disney’s Next Live-Action Remake May Have Found Its Leading Man

Disney's Hercules animated film

As Disney fans collectively hold their breath for the controversial release of the live-action Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (2025), some are still holding out hope that as The Walt Disney Company continues retelling classic animated stories, at some point, they’ll hit the nail on the head as they churn out Disney live-action remake after live-action remake.  Related: Best and ...

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