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Disney Fears “Woke” Label, Reportedly Cuts LGBTQ+ Storyline from Latest Blockbuster

Captain Marvel lesbian

The Walt Disney Company and Marvel Studios have reportedly stepped back and shoved a same-sex storyline from their latest blockbuster into the closet. Disney has been wrestling with anti-LGBTQ+ groups and conservatives over its alleged “woke” ideologies for several years at this point. The new controversy surrounding Disney and Marvel Studios has come from a reported decision to omit an ...

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When Will ā€˜The Marvelsā€™ Be On Disney+ Now That It’s Looking to Be a Box Office Failure?

The Marvels on Disney+

The Walt Disney Company’s latest Marvel cinematic blockbuster isn’t exactly starting off its theatrical debut with superhuman strength. As The MarvelsĀ (2023) trends into box office disaster, many people wonder when the film will be on Disney+ for streaming at home. It’s a good question to ask. Disney has had a rough year and hasn’t provided its Disney+ subscribers with the ...

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Disney’s Upcoming FLOP Proves Disney Needs Johnny Depp More Than Ever

Brie Larson, Iman Vellani, and Teyonah Parris in The Marvels

Save us Depp! According to recent reports, the presales for the highly anticipated film The Marvels are currently looking quite dismal. The presale data is even putting The Marvels behind those of Black Adam and The Flash.Ā Black Adam only reached a dismal $67 million in its opening weekend, and The Flash garnered only $55 million. Still, it appears thatĀ The Marvels ...

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ā€˜The Marvelsā€™ Is Unlikely to Save Disney From Another Financial Blow This Year

The Marvels failure

Marvel Studios, long a dominant force in the film industry, has been grappling with signs of superhero fatigue. Disney’s 2023 financial struggles, coupled with evolving audience preferences, paint a challenging landscape. Disney’s next attempt to change the narrative comes with The Marvels, the sequel to Captain Marvel (2019), releasing this month. This film emerges as the MCU’s last chance to ...

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