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Disney Confirms ‘Mandalorian’ MOVIE!

Mandalorian Movie

When Disney launched its very own streaming service — Disney+ — in November 2019, there were a number of original shows that Disney created just for Disney+. One of those shows became one of the most popular shows of any streaming service — the Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. The Mandalorian has had three hit seasons and is currently in production on a fourth. And ...

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The Most Popular Shows on Disney+ Are Headed to DVD and Blu-Ray

Disney+ dvd

Disney+ Original content has been a bit with fans since the streaming service premiered in late 2019. Fans could not get enough of the all-new star wars and marvel content on the platform. However, many have wondered if their favorite show is in the wake of Disney’s announcement that it will be removing content from Disney+. That’s why Disney’s news ...

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Favreau’s ‘Mandalorian’ getting a new name after season 4?


The excitement over the next season of The Mandalorian is becoming more palpable as we get closer and closer to the end of the year. That’s because Season 3 of Jon Favreau’s now-canon Star Wars-inspired series is set to hit Disney+ in early 2022. And the rumor mill just keeps churning up the waters. Last week, there was talk of the upcoming ...

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