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Top Five Romantic Disney Songs to Share With That Special Someone in Your Life

An animated scene with a man and woman sitting in chairs, reading books. The man, wearing glasses, is in a chair on the left, and the woman, with a pink headband, is in an armchair on the right. Musical notes and hearts are overlaid in the foreground. romantic Disney songs

Regarding romantic Disney songs, there is no shortage of heartfelt melodies that perfectly encapsulate the essence of true love. From timeless classics like “A Whole New World” from Aladdin (1992) to the enchanting “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King (1994), Disney has created a magical soundtrack for love stories that resonate with audiences of all ages. ...

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Tokyo’s New “Tangled” Attraction Coming to Replace “it’s a small world” at Walt Disney World?

An animated image of a blonde-haired girl in a purple dress enjoying a ride at a fair. The backdrop features colorful buildings and a sign reading its a Small World.

Instagram reels within the online Disney community are full of videos featuring the new Tangled attraction that just opened at Tokyo Disneyland, and for good reason. The new ride is an amazing addition to Disney’s first international park, highlighting a missed opportunity at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World for many, but could it be on its way to Florida? ...

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The “Perfect” Flynn Rider to Florence Pugh’s Rapunzel Has Reportedly Been Found

florence pugh rapunzel, ben barnes flynn rider, live-action tangled movie

Although fans have been begging the Walt Disney Company to stop making live-action remakes of everyone’s favorite animated movie, the Mouse seemingly simply won’t quit. More and more live-action fairy tales have been announced, including a remake of Tangled (2011), a beloved Disney movie from just over ten years ago. As a result, Disney fans have tasked themselves with something ...

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Disney Reportedly Eyeing Legendary Director to Lead Live-Action “Tangled” Film

live action tangled walt disney pictures live action remake mandy moore zachary levi rapunzel flynn rider mother gothel disney princess fans hair

Here at Disney Dining, we’ve been reporting on the upcoming live-action Rapunzel movie and the surrounding rumors that have been running rampant. READ MORE: Florence Pugh Named a Likely Choice for Rapunzel in the Live-Action ‘Tangled’ Film It’s worth noting that the Walt Disney Company hasn’t confirmed these rumors…but it’s doubly worth noting that Disney hasn’t denied them either. So far, ...

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Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Sing “I See the Light” From Upcoming Live-Action ‘Tangled’ Remake

Taylor Swift Harry Styles Tangled

Right now, the internet can’t stop talking about the upcoming live-action Tangled movie. It was announced last week that the beloved animated film is set to receive the live-action treatment, and fans of the original movie are eagerly waiting for more information. The story of Tangled is a modern retelling of the classic Rapunzel fairytale. Rapunzel, a creative and outspoken young girl, has been ...

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Florence Pugh Named a Likely Choice for Rapunzel in the Live-Action ‘Tangled’ Film

Florence Pugh Tangled

The Tangled live-action film is coming, and it looks like Disney has found its desired star. In this age of live-action remakes, it seemed inevitable that Disney would be planning on for its popular film, Tangled. Since its release in 2010, Tangled has gained a huge following and remains one of Disney’s most beloved animated movies. The enchanting fairy tale, featuring the ...

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Disney Movies to Start Off the New Year Right


Let’s not sugar coat it: 2021 was a hard year. Now that’s it’s 2022 we are faced with two options: fear what might happen next or hope for the infinite possibilities of the new year. Disney tends to be an advocate of the latter. Disney movies are all about hope. As we venture into this year, let’s lean into the ...

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