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Fans Call Shocking Star Wars Detail “Gross” and “Shady”

Fans Call Shocking Star Wars Detail "Gross" and "Shady"

Star Wars is a vast universe filled with fascinating creatures, well-thought-out landscapes, and more stories than could ever be told. Since the 1977 debut of George Lucas’s Star Wars: A New Hope, the franchise has morphed into a colossal empire whose fans are loyal, knowledgeable, and insatiable. Star Wars fanatics (and we don’t use that word lightly here) fill their ...

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Mark Hamill’s New Job: Would You Like Fries With That?

Mark hamill jack in the box

What are the chances of a former employee who let you go asking you to come back?” Mark Hamill says of his new campaign with Jack in the Box. That’s right, my friends; not only are they bringing back spicy chicken strike and French toast sticks but “for a limited time,” your Jack in the Box order could be taken ...

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Fans Irate Over AK-47 In Andor Trailer


Disney has found itself in hot water with fans‚Ķagain. This time it’s over a prop. When the new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars series Andor dropped on Monday, many eagle-eyed viewers noticed something a bit off, in their opinion. That something? An AK-47 rifle. The new series will premiere its first 12 episodes next month on Disney+. The show, ...

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Highly Anticipated Mini Series “Light and Magic” Makes Its Disney+ Debut

Light and Magic

Film buffs,¬† special effects fans, and Star Wars fans have something to be excited about! Disney’s much anticipated “Light and Magic” miniseries, which chronicles the special effects company founded by George Lucas, is now available on Disney+!¬† Lucas founded Industrial Light and Magic to produce some of the groundbreaking effects that first stunned audiences when Star Wars: Episode IV- A ...

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