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Controversial, Potentially Offensive Names Removed From Disney World Attractions

The term offensive in front of Magic Kingdom's Cinderella Castle

In the past couple of years, Walt Disney World has removed names from some of its most iconic and long-standing attractions in an effort to remain culturally sensitive and rid the attraction of the dated terms. Related: Magic Kingdom Guest Jumps From Water Attraction While Visiting Tom Sawyer Island Tom Sawyer Island In January 2022, Disney World Cast Members removed ...

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Head Found Inside Abandoned Disneyland Attraction

Disneyland Entrance

Disneyland Resort is a magical destination that has enchanted guests for many years. But, when a Disney fan spots a random head on an old attraction – well, magical turns creepy. Nestled in Anaheim, California, Disneyland Resort has two world-renowned theme parks, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, as well as hotels and the Downtown Disney District. Guests can ...

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Should Disney Be Reimagining Haunted Mansion Instead of Splash Mountain?

Haunted Mansion Stretching room with hanging scene and an x on it

WARNING: The following article mentions and/or discusses topics that may be distressing for certain audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. Disney Parks ever remains on the cutting edge when it comes to the creation of entertainment offerings across the globe, and that cutting-edge standard comes in various forms like attractions, rides, park experiences, and the reimagining of current offerings. Perhaps one ...

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Splash Mountain Filled With Water for the First Time Since Its 2023 Closure

Splash Mountain Magic Kingdom Disney World woke

In a momentous occasion marking a significant step forward in the transformation of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park, the long-awaited revitalization of the iconic Splash Mountain ride has finally begun. After its closure last year, the attraction has now experienced an exciting development. For the very first time in months, the refreshing sound of gushing water can be heard ...

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Fans Distraught by Sudden Demolition of Beloved Park Attraction

walt disney world magic kingdom entrance

One of the sadder parts of being a Disney Parks fan is losing many beloved attractions, entertainment, and other theme park offerings to make way for new things. While Disney’s constant push for innovation and new entertainment is commendable, it is often sad to say goodbye to the attractions that we Disney fans know and love. Fans Say Goodbye to ...

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Fans Furious After Disney Transforms Iconic Attraction Into “Graffiti Barn”

Tiana's Bayou Adventure

The excitement for this upcoming attraction is dwindling as more and more photos are being released.  When it was announced that the Splash Mountain attraction at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort were going to be replaced, many fans were devastated. Despite its controversial source material, many fans loved and cherished the original Splash Mountain attraction. However, for many, ...

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Disney Shocks Fans by Introducing NEW ‘Song of the South’ Attraction

Br'er Fox Br'er rabbit splash mountain disney parks ride attraction characters song of the south

When the iconic Disney ride Splash Mountain closed earlier this year, it instantly became one of the biggest Disney news stories of the year. The ride, which was based on the extremely controversial film Song of the South, was closed due to concerns that the material was racially insensitive in today’s society. In its place, Disney is currently building Tiana’s ...

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‘Vandalism’ at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

live-action princess and the frog new orleans princess tiana prince naveen disney princess live action remake fans social media woke

Work has well been underway for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at both Disneyland Park in Anaheim and Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort. It is still expected to meet the 2024 timeline at each Disney theme park. RELATED: Disney Imagineer Defends ‘Song of the South’ and Splash Mountain Tiana’s Bayou Adventure The reimagined Splash Mountain ride will maintain most of ...

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