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Is Disney’s Space Mountain Unsafe? Here’s What to Know

magic-kingdom-space mountain

An older report about Space Mountain recently went viral. The report claimed that a man had his limbs chopped off on Space Mountain and that the lights would be on from now on. We reported on this obvious fake news and debunked it. It got our wheels turning, though. Just how safe IS Space Mountain?  As it turns out, the ...

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Space Mountain Accident at Magic Kingdom Leaves Woman With Brain Injury, Paramedics Respond

Space Mountain

Space Mountain, a thrilling roller coaster ride located in Disney World, is a must-visit attraction for all adrenaline junkies and space enthusiasts. This iconic ride, situated in the heart of Magic Kingdom, is a testament to Walt Disney’s vision of combining entertainment with futuristic themes. As guests embark on this space voyage, they are transported to a galaxy far, far ...

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Confirmed: Disney Transforming Classic Attraction into ‘Scariest Thrill Ride in Resort’s History’

Disney Characters

Disney is making some bold changes to one of its most classic attractions. While there’s no shortage of entertaining attractions at Disney’s theme parks, some have transcended “fun” and entered the pantheon of rides so iconic that they’re practically synonymous with the Disney experience. The likes of “it’s a small world,” Dumbo the Flying Elephant, and Pirates of the Caribbean ...

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Space Mountain Closed After Guests Found Unresponsive in Ride

Disney Space Mountain

Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow…Walt Disney World Resort is allegedly hiding a big secret about one of its most beloved roller coasters, Space Mountain. The Tomorrowland attraction allegedly renders hundreds of guests unconscious annually. Space Mountain opened at Magic Kingdom Park 49 years ago. Disneyland Resort, Tokyo Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, and Disneyland Paris Resort later added ...

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Confirmed: Disney Axing Classic Space Mountain, Bold New IP Plan Announced

Disney Space Mountain

Space Mountain has been an integral part of Disney theme parks since its debut in 1975 at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. It quickly became a fan favorite, known for its futuristic aesthetic and exhilarating indoor roller coaster experience. The attraction’s popularity led to the introduction of versions in Disneyland Park (Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California), Tokyo Disneyland (which ...

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Guest Reports Broken Hemorrhoids After Disney World Trip

A train ride passing through a rocky terrain with a large dinosaur skull embedded in the red rock wall. The sky is partly cloudy, and greenery is visible in the background. With Big Thunder Mountain closing, a green and black train carries passengers, including one wearing a red hat.

Responding to the rumors of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad closing for refurbishment, guests reveal its shocking condition and share some humorous (albeit mildly concerning) anecdotes. The longevity of the Disney Parks is one of the most unique aspects of the theme parks. Since Walt Disney opened Disneyland Park back in 1955, the Disney Resort has become a mainstay for Disney ...

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Man Assaults Guest on Disney’s Space Mountain, Hurls Profanities at Cast Members

Man abandons child at Space Mountain Disneyland

Disney cast members rushed to prevent disaster after a man threw a projectile from a moving Space Mountain rocket. Witnesses said the adult guest hurled profanities at the Disneyland Resort employees after they stopped the roller coaster. Space Mountain has been the backdrop of many Disney Park controversies in recent months. Earlier this year, a father threw his young son ...

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Iconic Disney Roller Coaster’s Demolition Underway

jules verne-inspired attraction concept at disneyland paris park expansion

Disney’s iconic Space Mountain roller coaster is undergoing some extensive demolition. Related: Disneyland Raises Prices Effective Immediately for All Star Wars Fans Over the decades, The Walt Disney Company, along with Walt Disney Imagineering, has been able to create, design, and develop some of the world’s most iconic and recognizable theme park experiences ever. Rides like Haunted Mansion, Pirates of ...

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