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Guests Spot K-9 Units Dispatched at Walt Disney World Resort

K9 at Riverside

For many of the millions of Guests who visit Walt Disney World Resort every year, security is a big priority. Guests trust Disney with their lives when it comes to riding the attractions and staying on the property. To make sure that Guests feel safe at all times, Disney has implemented a thorough safety protocol at the Parks. One of ...

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Here’s how to race through security at Walt Disney World because you know we don’t have that kind of time!

By far, one of the most frustrating things on earth is paying an exorbitant amount of money to enjoy an experience, arriving to enjoy said experience, and then being faced with obstacles, roadblocks (literal and figurative), and other time-consuming snags that delay that enjoyment as thoughts about the money you’ve spent and the time you’re missing race through your mind. ...

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