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Disney Guests Evacuated From 120-Feet Above Ground; Forced to Scale Down Roller Coaster With “Nothing but a Handrail”

Colorful amusement park entrance for Pixar Pier, featuring a large circular sign with the lettering "Pixar Pier" at the center of a roller coaster structure. Palm trees and lights adorn the area below, with a sign reading "Midway Mania!" in the foreground—perfect for any Disney Adult seeking nostalgia.

Last night, a worst nightmare came true for some unlucky guests. A fear of heights is an incredibly common thing, even for fans of roller coasters. For many, the thought of being stuck at a roller coaster’s peak is the worst situation imaginable. Unfortunately, that is precisely what happened to a group of Disneyland Resort guests last evening, January 25, ...

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Photos of Primeval Whirl Demolition at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Back in July 2020, several sources shared the news that a memo went out to Walt Disney World Resort Cast Members stating Primeval Whirl at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Rivers of Light at Animal Kingdom, and Stitch’s Great Escape at Magic Kingdom would be permanently closing. Since the removal of Rivers of Light at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we have seen a ...

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