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Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue at Walt Disney World

Regal Eagle Smokehouse Sandwich

Need a delicious spot to stop for a quick meal in World Showcase? We recommend trying out Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue. Location In EPCOT’s World Showcase, Guests will find Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue in the American Adventure Pavilion. The restaurant’s located in the pavilion’s main building, next to the American Adventure attraction and the ...

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Fife & Drum Tavern at Walt Disney World

Fife & Drum Tavern Sign

Fife & Drum Tavern is the perfect stop for a turkey leg or a frozen slushy to fuel your adventures around World Showcase! Location Guests can find Fife & Drum Tavern in the American Adventure Pavilion within EPCOT’s World Showcase! The restaurant is located to the left of the pavilion’s main building, toward the neighboring Italy Pavilion. Nearby this dining ...

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Funnel Cake at Walt Disney World

Funnel cake with powdered sugar from Sleepy Hollow

Craving something sweet? Head to the American Adventure Pavilion to try a sweet American delicacy at the Funnel Cake stand! Location Guests can find the Funnel Cake stand on the edge of the American Adventure Pavilion, near the neighboring Japan Pavilion. This restaurant is located next door to Block & Hans, where you can grab a delicious craft beer. Quick ...

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Block & Hans at Walt Disney World

The American Adventure

You can grab a midday refreshment as you travel the World Showcase at Block & Hans. Location In EPCOT’s World Showcase, Guests will find Block & Hans within The American Adventure Pavilion. The restaurant is located next to the pavilion’s Funnel Cake Stand, close to the neighboring Japan Pavilion. Quick Service or Table Service? Block & Hans is a Quick ...

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Kabuki Cafe at Walt Disney World

Kakigori at Kabuki Cafe

Whether you’re craving sweet or savory, Kabuki Cafe in EPCOT has you covered! Location Guests can find Kabuki Cafe in the Japan Pavilion within EPCOT’s World Showcase. The restaurant is located toward the front of the pavilion, near World Showcase Lagoon. Nearby in the Japan Pavilion, Guests can also explore the Mitsukoshi Department Store and the Bijitsu-kan Gallery, or enjoy ...

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Katsura Grill at Walt Disney World

Katsura Grill Sushi

Grab a delicious quick sushi lunch at Katsura Grill in EPCOT! Location Guests can find Katsura Grill in the Japan Pavilion within EPCOT’s World Showcase. The restaurant is found across from Mitsukoshi Department Store and next to Garden House. This dining location is on the pavilion’s second level, up a set of stairs near the Bijutsu-kan Gallery. Quick Service or ...

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Garden House at Walt Disney World

Garden House Exterior

Today we’re taking a look at one of Disney’s hidden gems. This gem is a lesser-known EPCOT dining location, Garden House. RELATED: 9 Hidden Gems at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Location Guests can find Garden House in the Japan Pavilion within EPCOT’s World Showcase. This is a smaller dining location, but it can be found next to Katsura Grill and ...

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Refreshment Station at Walt Disney World

If you’re not careful, the Florida heat can catch you off guard while visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. Thankfully, dining locations like the Refreshment Station in EPCOT will help keep you cool during a hot Park day! Location Guests can find the Refreshment Station in EPCOT’s World Discovery, just past the famous Test Track attraction. Nearby, Guests will also ...

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Popcorn in Canada at Walt Disney World

Canada Pavilion

We have the perfect salty and sweet Disney snack for you in EPCOT’s Canada Pavilion! Location Guests can find this popcorn cart in the Canada Pavilion of EPCOT’s World Showcase. You’ll find the Popcorn in Canada outside the entrance to Le Cellier Steakhouse, towards the front of the pavilion. Nearby Guests can also find the Canada Far and Wide in ...

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Dining in EPCOT’s UK Pavilion at Walt Disney World

UK Pavilion exterior

When traveling through EPCOT’s World Showcase, there are many great dining options. Here at DisneyDining.com, we’re ready to help you decide which restaurants are the best stops for your Disney vacation! Today we’re looking at all the dining options EPCOT’s UK Pavilion offers. The UK Pavilion offers Quick Service dining options, Table Service Lounges, and Table Service restaurants that require ...

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