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Three Arrested in Protests Near Disney World That Shut Down Interstate

Three young men's faces superimposed on a highway background with directional signs to an airport and Disney World, overlaid with the word "ARRESTED" in bold red text during a pro-Palestine protest.

Three individuals who participated in a protest that blocked part of Interstate 4 near the Walt Disney World Resort have been arrested. Pro-Palestinian Protests Block Interstate on the Way to Disney On Saturday, a small group of protesters gathered along Interstate Highway 4 near Disney World, blocking traffic along the roadway for about 10 minutes. Their efforts were foiled when ...

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Massive Protest Forms Outside Disney Park; Police Allegedly Respond to Bomb Threat

Police at Disneyland arrest ambulence

In the world we live in, terrifying threats of danger can happen anywhere, even in the happiest place on earth. In a shocking turn of events, a bomb threat has allegedly led to the closure of certain areas outside the enchanting Disneyland Resort. This incident occurred amidst a wave of impassioned pro-Palestine protests that have reportedly flooded Harbor Boulevard just ...

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