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Nazis and Ron DeSantis Supporters Gather at Walt Disney World Resort for Another Protest

Nazis outside Disney

Earlier today, September 2, the world-renowned Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, became the unexpected stage for a disturbing display of bigotry and hate. A group of white supremacists, proudly waving Nazi flags, chose the main entrance of the resort as their platform to spread their toxic ideology. The Walt Disney brand has always stood for inclusivity, joy, and ...

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Disney Actor Sets Himself on Fire To Support SAG AFTRA

Actor on Fire Protesting

As many people know who follow entertainment news, there is currently a SAG AFTRA strike going on in Hollywood. The battle lines have been drawn, and Disney CEO Bob Iger has found himself in the crosshairs of some workers on strike. He has been called out by name by SAG president Fran Drescher and by Bryan Cranston. But another individual ...

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