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Jabba the Hutt Popcorn Bucket and Other Exclusive Merchandise Making Its Way to Disney Parks

jabba the hut popcorn bucket may the fourth

Popcorn buckets and Disney World go together like peas and carrots. Guests searching for that precious plastic cargo holder will sometimes wait in lines for hours just to get their hands on their favorite characters. We’ve seen monumental waits over Figment at EPCOT, fans waiting for hours to get their hands on Simba at Animal Kingdom, and more organized lines ...

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NEW: Figment Is Getting a 2.0 Popcorn Bucket… Prepare for Chaos!

Figment new popcorn bucket

Back in 2022, Walt Disney World Resort fans were in for a delightful surprise when Disney unveiled the highly coveted Figment popcorn buckets during the EPCOT festival. These whimsical and eye-catching collectibles captured the hearts of Disney enthusiasts and sparked a frenzy of excitement and anticipation. The Figment popcorn buckets quickly became the must-have accessory for visitors exploring the magical ...

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We’ve Finally Discovered the Best Ways to Clean a Disney Popcorn Bucket!

Zero 30th Popcorn Bucket

One of the Walt Disney Company’s most ingenious business models has been the creation of the beloved popcorn bucket souvenir and its subsequent cycle of profit. By creating popcorn buckets, Walt Disney World Resort has ensured that fans will always have something to spend money on in a cyclical fashion. RELATED: NEW Disney100 Popcorn Bucket Is Nicer Than Most Cars It ...

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Christmas Came Early Thanks to This New Popcorn Bucket Announcement!

Disney Holidays

Right now, Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are deeply entrenched in their spooky Halloween celebrations. Whether you’re a Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Party or an Oogie Boogie Bash kind of person, there is truly something for every Disney Parks fan this Halloween season. Whether its meeting your favorite villains or snacking on the sweet treats, fans are not left ...

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Walt Would Be Proud of Disney’s Newest Popcorn Bucket

Disneyland Railroad popcorn bucket

Disneyland ParkAll aboard! Disney has a new popcorn bucket that would make Walt proud. Walt Disney was known for his love of trains. He loved them so much that he even had a miniature gauge railroad, the Carolwood Express, installed in his backyard! So, when Disneyland was being built, naturally, one of the first rides Walt wanted in his theme ...

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Mahindi at Walt Disney World

Mahindi popcorn stand exterior

The Mahindi popcorn cart in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the perfect spot for a midday Park snack! Location Guests will find Mahindi at Africa’s entrance, near the Africa Hub Cart and across from Tamu Tamu Refreshments. Harambe Village also has popular attractions, including Kilimanjaro Safaris, Festival of the Lion King, and Gorilla Falls Exploration Trails. In addition to Mahindi, Tamu ...

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9 Things to Know About Disney World Popcorn Buckets

Cinderella Popcorn Bucket

One of the very best values on Walt Disney World property is the souvenir popcorn bucket. Buckets can be found at a number of locations in all of the parks, and people of all ages love them. Not only that, these buckets allow you to have affordable snacks for the duration of your trip.  Yes, if you’re a popcorn fan—and ...

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