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Disney Reveals Casting for ‘Moana’; New Disney Princess Announced

Side-by-side images: On the left, a girl smiles with her curly hair loose, wearing a light green tank top. On the right, an animated character resembling Moana with long curly hair looks surprised against a backdrop of blue ocean and sky.

The news every Disney fan has been waiting for has finally arrived! The live-action adaptation of the beloved Disney animated film Moana has been highly anticipated by fans around the world. Bringing to life the courageous spirit of Moana and the demigod Maui in a new format promises to be an exciting endeavor that will captivate audiences of all ages. ...

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NEW: Disney Significantly Postpones Upcoming ‘Moana’ Movie

Moana delay

In the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of the beloved animated film Moana, fans are eager to see the colorful and enchanting world of the original story brought to life in a new, visually stunning way. With the success of other live-action Disney remakes like The Lion King and The Little Mermaid, the adaptation of Moana hopes to be a big ...

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‘Moana’ Star Speaks Out, Reveals Why They’re Not Returning

moana with maui the demigod and hei hei the rooster in disney's moana (2017)

Moana (2016) is a beloved animated Disney film that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, the movie tells the story of a spirited Polynesian girl named Moana Waialiki who embarks on a daring journey to save her people and discover her true destiny. Moana’s love for her people and the water allowed ...

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Fans Shocked by Reports That ‘Moana’ Will Become Disney’s First Ever Transgender Princess

Transgender Moana

This is certainly one of the more unique claims to have come out recently. The Moana live-action film has been making waves in the entertainment industry. The highly anticipated adaptation of the beloved animated film brings the colorful and enchanting world of Moana to life on the big screen. With its breathtaking visual effects, mesmerizing storytelling, and heartfelt performances, the ...

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